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PR2 Snowbike Tuned ECU


Manufacturer: PR2 Racing

Regular price $ 979.95

Please note that PR2 is experiencing a high volume of orders and that the delay to delivery may be multiple weeks. Feel free to email us at to inquire about our current inventory.

We've had really good experience with PR2 ECU's in the past and can highly recommend them if you're looking for a boost in performance and reliability.

It probably won't surprise you to learn that conditions encountered during snowbiking and conditions motocross bikes' fuel maps were programmed for are very different. Two of the biggest factors are the weight of the track compared to the rear wheel and, of course, the subzero temperatures and high altitudes.

Getting a PR2 ECU to reprogram your fuel injection has a ton of very noticeable benefits:

  • HORSEPOWER - need I say more? Restore your bike to its maximum potential - PR2 estimates up to 3 - 5 HP gain at altitude and it definitely feels like it
  • Balance air-fuel ratios at all temperatures and altitudes - no more overfuelling, improved efficiency, reliability, and performance
  • Start your engine easier from cold on any pump gas

We've tested every option out there and these are our favourite for value and no-nonsense performance. If you want the full low-down on why these are the best ECUs for you, our friends at PR2 would be happy to elaborate, and then we'd of course be happy to help hook you up! We're one of the best places to get these in Canada.