Yeti SnowMX Snowcheck

Sorry, snowcheck is OVER.... BUT we know that dealerships are very busy, so we're leaving this open for another week to give Yeti SnowMX Authorized Dealers (or 2021 Yeti snowcheck customers who have been directed to this webpage by their Yeti dealer) time to get their snowcheck-included $400 CAD / $350 USD "Yeti-Bucks" orders in.

If you are unsure whether this applies to you, get in touch with Jarid at And please read details below carefully for important answers to your questions!
So you've snowchecked a 2021 Yeti SnowMX! Congrats, you've got one fun winter to look forward to!

As you know, your snowcheck includes $400 CAD / $350 USD FREE C3 Yeti-Bucks! You've come to the right place to cash in! We've got everything you need to complete your dream ride, with significant discounts, exclusive perks & colour upgrades, and bonus Free Gifts!

Here's how it works, but please review all the details and FAQs at the bottom of the page as well! (ALSO NOTE, the steps 1 and 2 may be performed by the Yeti Authorized Dealer, or by the customer directly, or you can both work through it together):
  1. Explore all the products and benefits on THIS WEBPAGE! (You can also use the SNOWCHECK menu above, but do not navigate using the "normal" menu on the top of the site. That is how to make sure you're getting all the snowcheck benefits!
    • Take note of which products display the C3 Yeti-Buck eligible badge, these are the ones the Bucks can be used towards.
    • Tip: first focus on all your "main" products, then consider the Free Gifts - basically, for every $100 you spend, you can choose $10 value from the eligible products and we'll cover it! Review the full details in that section
  2. In the "ORDER NOTE" field in the cart, enter the CUSTOMER NAME.
    • Make sure the Yeti Authorized Dealer name is clear as well! Please use Dealer info in checkout if possible.
  3. Finalize your order by going through the normal checkout process. Use the promo code YETIC3SNOWCHECK2021 - this will ensure you do not need to put down any extra deposit
  4. C3 will review the order, and the rest will be handled between the dealer and C3. The parts will be shipped to the dealer ASAP, the dealer will pass the Yeti-Bucks savings on to the customer, and the

Now for the fun part! 😀🤘


C3 Yeti-Buck eligible

If you're building a brand new snowbike from scratch, and only want to get two things, make it an air intake and a thermostat! Vital for proper performance and reliability!

  • INTAKE - Option to add a spare filter for 40% off In any snowy conditions, you need a proper solution to allow your bike to breathe without choking on snow or swallowing water!

  • THERMOSTAT - 60% off colour complete hose kit upgrades In any cold conditions, your bike will run like garbage unless a Thermostat controls the coolant flow to allow the engine to reach the temperature it was designed for!

Other C3 Essentials

C3 Yeti-Buck eligible

These are the other products that you can spend your Bucks on, and are all awesome choices that enhance your bike's capabilities, boost performance, and improve your riding experience by solving common issues so you can worry less and enjoy more!

  • FOOTPEGS - $50 CAD off overstock colours In certain snow conditions, stock pegs (or any pegs that weren't designed specifically to avoid snow buildup) can turn into non-grippy ice balls...

  • HEATED BARS - Handlebar colour upgrades FREE 20% off overstock ODI grips! Coloured braided lines available as free gift Remember that coolant we're making sure heats up with the thermostat? Run it through your handlebars to keep your fingers warm and usable - way better than electric!

  • HANDGUARDS - $20 CAD off overstock colours Shield Expanders available as free gift Switch Panel available as free gift If you ride anywhere around trees, you'll need handguards to avoid smashing your levers or even breaking fingers... Also super helpful in shielding hands from wind and snow

  • BOOST PACK - Boost Harness available as free gift! A must-have on e-start bikes - don't get caught without it!!

  • LED LIGHTS - Free switch Another one that should count as safety equipment... You need to see your way back to the truck!

  • RISERS - $25 CAD off overstock colours "Rubber Kills" available as free gift Since you're sitting and reacting to terrain differently on a snowbike than dirt, raising the bars a bit fixes the ergonomics a lot and will make you more comfortable

  • C3-PLX ECU - 100% off programming fee SNOWBIKE TUNED! If you're looking to buy horsepower this is your best, easiest, and most useable option!

Featured Distributed products

NOT C3 Yeti-Buck eligible

Here's some of our favourite recommended products from some of our favourite brands, including some where we've partnered up for EXCLUSIVE deals!!

  • BIKE BINDERZ - FREE powdercoat colours! Super slick and secure way to hold down your bike! Tie downs suck, treat yourself ;)

  • P3 SKIDPLATE + HEAT SHIELD - Combo deal! Get both, heat shield 50% off! Great quality and bling factor, plus protect from impacts, retain more heat, and protect your snowpants!

  • AIRPRO Fork kit - This is a great product. For the price, it's an amazing way to take your forks from mushy mess to perfectly rideable

  • SEAT CONCEPTS - Choose ANY custom options Last winter my buddy invested time and money building a snowbike, took a week off, and drove 8 hours, but could only ride one day because his stock seat wrecked his butt & back.... Next time he had a Seat Concepts Comfort seat and didn't notice any discomfort the whole trip

  • ODI LOCK-ON GRIPS - 20% off overstock colours Awesome design and quality, nice way to add a personal touch!


More Distributed products

NOT C3 Yeti-Buck eligible

Of course, you are welcome to get ANY product on the site, but we figured we'd gather some of the other top picks here!

  • PLAN B YETI UTILITY CAN - Hands down THE best way to carry your day's "juice" on your Yeti SnowMX!

  • TETHER SWITCH - You don't really need a tether on a snowbike, until that one time you do... Recommended for all builds, just in case

  • SEALSAVERS - Forks don't like ice, road salt, or branch impacts! Small investment, big improvement in fork and seal condition

  • RP RACE EXHAUST - We've dyno'd every pipe we could get our hands on and these are by far the best power-wise!

  • TRAIL TECH GAUGES - We're super stoked on the Voyager Pro!! The live "Buddy Tracking" GPS is a game-changer, check it out!

  • ANTIGRAVITY BATTERY - What's not to like about increasing battery quality and power from stock while saving weight?

  • YETI TUNNEL COOLER - For an all-out custom bike, this will get you way better temp management results than just radiators ever could!

  • POCKET CHAINSAW - Really nice for making short work of bigger trees, to get out of a pickle or make firewood


C3 Free Gifts!

C3 Yeti-Buck eligible FREE GIFTS

Once you've built your cart, to further sweeten the deal, we'll throw in any of the products in this section as a FREE GIFT to you, up to 10% of your order total! So for a $400 order, pick any $40 of stuff from these options and we'll cover it! $1000 order can add $100 more at no charge, $2000 gets $200, etc etc!

Pretty straightforward, but you are encouraged check full details and examples in the FAQ's below as well!!

  • LINELESS GOGGLES - Solid polarized quality, unbeatable value!

  • LINELESS FOLDING SAW - Great compact light-duty saw, quality materials, handy to have around

  • STEALTH UNDER-FENDER BAG - Cool spot for a spare Yeti belt or a dry toque!

  • STUCK STRAP - Pull smarter, not harder! Really simple, but you'll wonder how you ever went without one

  • MANY SMART ADD-ONS TO C3'S CORE PRODUCTS - Braided lines in custom colours, switch/gauge mount, handguard wind+twig blockers, and more!

  • APPAREL AND MERCH - Rep the coolest brand around!


Please take a look, there's lots of important stuff in here!

As many of you know, it's a common spring promotion in the snow powersports industry! Place orders in spring, receive them with plenty of time to spare before snowfall. You get sweet savings and benefits, and we get a few months to plan and prepare your order - win-win!

Yes! Everyone is eligible. Just pick the options above that apply to you.

No. The Yeti SnowMX section of this promotion is ONLY for customers who are snowchecking brand-new 2021 Yeti systems from their Yeti Authorized dealer in April or May of 2020.

Firstly, we're happy to work with any legitimate powersports dealership (and often other businesses like rental outfits) - we have a program that’s great for enabling dealers to help their customers build the best snowbikes possible while supporting their bottom line. You can tell your favourite local dealership to visit this page and I’m sure we’ll work something out with them!

But yes, it's quite likely that one of our excellent existing dealers would love to help you out too! Check the map here or visit the full Dealer page.

We realize there is a lot of change and uncertainty in the world right now. We don't want that to stress you out or hold you back, and we don't want to put you in a difficult position down the road.

If your circumstances do dictate that you're unable to follow through with your order come September, we will be willing to work with you to change the existing order or even cancel and refund any deposit as needed - with the exception of non-C3 brand product that was custom ordered for you.

I know things get busy and we have experienced delays in previous years! But that's part of the beauty of snowcheck - you can be 100% certain that we will begin fulfilling snowcheck orders in September. Depending on when we get to yours, transit times, and other factors, that probably means you will have your parts in September or October, which is of course well in advance of riding season. There may be factors outside our control with UPS or other couriers that delay your parts, but we'll do our best.

For example: green anodized Yamaha thermostat or pink hose kit.

Maybe! If there’s ever a time where we could work that out, it’d be now! It is more work for us so there will typically be an additional fee, which can be $25 - $75. Hit us up at [ ] to discuss.

The website will calculate your cart's full retail price. You will use the PROMO CODE so that no deposit is required.

Indeed, we don't have the capability to apply Yeti-Bucks or Free Gifts live in your cart, sorry.

SO, throughout the summer, as we prepare your order, we will edit your invoice to reflect A) the Yeti-Bucks, if applicable, and B) the amount deducted for the Free Gifts (see below for more details on that). That means that the amount you'll follow up with your dealer for in September will almost always be less than the what it originally would have been. I hope that makes sense. Please understand that that is the best we can do with the available website features.

If you spend more than the amount of Yeti-Bucks, the remaining balance will be settled between you and your dealer later this summer, prior to your order being shipped out.

To further sweeten the deal, we'll throw in any of the products you choose from the C3 FREE GIFTS! collection as displayed on the webpages ("Ι SC + FG Ι" in the title) as a FREE GIFT to you, up to 10% of your order total!

That amount will be deducted by us after receipt of your order but before following up to collect the balance, as outlined above.

YES - they're basically double-dipping. In effect, that means you can actually add 11% of your "pre-gift" total.

Before. That means $1000 of product will qualify for $100 of Free Gifts, even though you'll actually be paying just $600.

Go ahead 🙂 treat anything over and above 10% of the order value as normal product.


Sure. For simple math's sake, let's say we have a cart with total exactly $1000. 10% of that is $100.

Example 1: I'll add QTY 2 of C3 Hoodie for $100 total. My cart total is now $1100. 10% of THAT is $110. My Free Gifts so far are $100, so there's $10 more I can use. I add a C3 Stuck Strap for $10. My new total is now $1110. C3 will deduct $110 from the order to cover the Free Gifts. After applying the $400 Yeti-Bucks, my total owing is $6000.

Example 2: I already got Shield Expanders for $30 with my handguards. I'll also get a C3 Fender Bag for $40 and a set of LineLess goggles for $70. My cart total is now $1140. 10% of THAT is $114. My Free Gifts so far are $140, more than 10%, so the Free Gifts is "maxed out". C3 will deduct $114 from the order as their Free Gift contribution. After applying the $400 Yeti-Bucks, my total owing is $626

Example 3: I decide I just need Boost Harness for $25 and LineLess folding saw for $30. My cart total is now $1055. 10% of THAT is $106. My Free Gifts so far are $55, less than that, but as mentioned, the rest won't go to "cash back". So C3 will deduct $55 from the order to cover the Free Gifts. After applying the $400 Yeti-Bucks, total owing is $600.


No, please don't. Yes, the promo code will let you proceed through checkout, but we'll review every order that comes in and will simply cancel any that appear to be abusing the system.