C3 Powersports Dealers

Can I check out C3 Powersports products in person in my city?

Yes!! Check here - c3powersports.com/pages/dealers

Become a C3 Dealer:


In a nutshell, how does becoming a C3 Powersports dealer work?

  1. Complete the dealer application online form above.
  2. Wait up 1-5 business days for us to approve your application. Once approved, we’ll forward you the C3 Dealer Agreement and set you up in a special Dealer-only system
  3. Order products from the portal at dealer cost, and help your customers build their dream ride!

Who can qualify as a C3 dealer?

With this program we’re targeting a wide variety of businesses - traditional motorsport dealerships, bike rental/adventure/guide companies, or retailers focused on aftermarket accessories and gear. If your business doesn’t really fall into these three categories, hit us up anyways and we can discuss.

What are the minimum order quantities to get dealer pricing? What kind of pricing will I get?

There is a minimum buy-in requirement for first order. We can help you choose which products to stock. The program is tiered to reward shops stocking and moving higher volumes. Margins are competitive, especially at higher levels; pricing details are made available to applicants.

How do I pay?

For new dealers, we’ll require credit card payments in full before orders are shipped. Later, for bigger dealers, we can talk about setting up payment terms if desired.

Still have questions? Check out the General FAQs page or hit us up at dealers@c3powersports.com.