Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake
Airforce Velocity Stacks

Airforce Velocity Stack Snowbike Intake

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Yes, we've tried it, and yes, it boosts airflow and performance! Excited to offer the Velocity Stack developed by the team behind funny car World Champ Ryan Hodgson. They know performance!

Who is this intake for? The average rider looking for a tried and true, no-nonsense deep powder cold-air intake would still be well served to go with the C3 options, which handily meet the airflow consumption requirements for most engines in most scenarios. But, riders willing to spend extra to go all-out for performance, who are also probably picking up an exhaust package and an ECU and maybe even more mods, won't be disappointed by the performance a properly tuned velocity stack can unlock!

Read on for more details (and check the FAQ tabs too):

  • Flow bench designed, dyno tested, pulse wave tuned.
  • Flowed incredible CFM resulting in huge HP gains, when paired with aftermarket exhaust and properly tuned ECU.
  • Gains from 1 to 11 HP depending on bike combination. (C3's independent dyno tests in Q4 2020 and we'll post the actual curves when they're available)
  • Made entirely of rubber to minimize condensation, keeping the throttle body dryer, with less chance of icing up.
  • Nitrous ports.
  • Extensive hours of field testing.
  • Compatible with stock and aftermarket ECU's.




My bike is stock, how much horsepower will I gain?

If you put the stack on a stock bike with stock ECU, you should notice the performance gain. It is difficult to put a number on it but we'll show our Dyno curves when the tests are done. However, the real magic comes when other mods uncover additional untapped potential...

So how do I get the 11 HP that Airforce talks about??

On modded bikes, the intake can become the "weak link," so upgrading to this high-flow Velocity Stack can unlock big numbers! You're likely looking at some, if not all, of:
  • deleting any factory restrictions (especially on KTM/Husky 500s)
  • exhaust (RP RACE kicks butt compared to all the big names, because they're not worried about being AMA Supercross legal)
  • high-lift cams with matched head porting
  • big-bore
  • hi-compression piston
  • billet throttle body
  • custom ECU tuning (C3 can help with this!)...
If this sounds like something you'd be into, talk to us, we know the secret sauces and can definitely partner with our top engine builders to help you get maximum results - flirting with 80HP!!

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AirForce Snowbike Velocity stack intakes

Q: Why is it made from rubber?

A: Made of rubber to minimize condensation, keeping the throttle body dryer, decreasing the chance of icing up.


Q: Does It have a place for the breather line?

A: Over the years we have saw many problems with icing up. If you believe you need to hook up a breather line just drill out the nitrous port and use a barbed fitting.


Q: What are the spacers for?

A: Spacers are for maximum performance depending on your bike. If you did not receive a spacer, do not worry, not all bikes require one.


Q: What if I never received a spacer?

A: Not all bikes require a spacer, if you never received one in your kit, you do not need one.


Q: When will stacks be ready for other brands?

A: Kits for Yamaha bikes are already in the works.


Q: Can it be used in the summer?

A: Yes, on asphalt ONLY the Outerwears is only a pre-filter. The stack will touch the side of the shock but should not be a cause for concern.


Q: The stack is touching bike plastic, what do I do?

A: Some trimming may be required, see installation video.


Q: The stack touches the side of the TSS, is this ok?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the ports on the side of the stack for?

A: These are nitrous ports, the only stack we could find in the market with this option.


Q: My cold air temp sensor wires do not reach, what do I do?

A: Take the tank off and reposition your wire harness.


Q: Why is the cage design shaped the way it is?

A: We worked hard to design a cage that flowed well, shed snow, and fit as many bikes as possible.


Q: Did you hurt any engines when testing your stacks?

A: We tested at a 27.00 barometer and we hurt no engines.


Q: Can I use two Outerwears?

A: Yes.


Q: How tight should the cold air temp sensor screws be?

A: They should be snug, they will not fall out. If you are concerned use silicone or Loctite.


Q: Why do you say use a C3-PLX ECU?

A: Stock engines do not require one, however it helps with over fueling.  If you use a cam or a high compression piston you can add or take away fuel at certain RPM ranges.


Q: Can I use other outerwear brands?

A: We suggest using AEM or Outerwears brand. We have tested other brands and found they lost a significant amount of power.


The Testing

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AirForce Snowbike Velocity stack intakes



It was imperative for us to provide the consumer with a competitive product.

How did we do this?

We purchased as many of the competitor’s stacks as we could get our hands on and put them to the test.

How were stacks tested?

We took our stack as well as competitor stacks to the flow bench and to the dyno.

What were the Flow Bench results?

We took the stacks to a Flow Bench to do compression testing. The Airforce Velocity Stack came out on top flowing the most CFM.

What were the Dyno results?

Dyno results were impressive, to say the least. The Airforce Velocity Stack had gains up to 11 horsepower and 12 foot-pounds of torque over competitors.

What was the average gain?

The results were all calculated, and the Airforce Velocity Stack has an average of 5.3 horsepower gain across the board.

What was weather during testing?

Testing was completed in various weather and riding conditions, see below for ranges.

 Barometer:     23.00 to 27.00

Altitude:          2000 to 6500 ft

Temperature:  5C (41F) to -20C (-4F)

Humidity:        25% to 90%

What competitor stacks were used?

Under no circumstance will we release any name(s) of ANY competitor stacks used during the testing phases.

What are the results saying?

We believe the Airforce Velocity Stack has the most performance gain for your buck, strap it on, go play, and feel the force!


ECU settings

For the BEST performance possible, come visit us in BC for a full custom-tuning day! Email to inquire.

For a more accessible solution, check this table for suggested Map and Trim settings on C3-PLX ECUs or other Vortex-box-based controllers:

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AirForce Snowbike Velocity stack intakes




























That said, YES, the stack is compatible with your stock ECU, the gains will just be less than maximized.

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