Yeti SnowMX parts, Camso NEW Snowbike Track
Yeti SnowMX parts, Camso NEW Snowbike Track
Yeti SnowMX parts, Camso NEW Snowbike Track
Yeti SnowMX parts, Camso NEW Snowbike Track

Yeti SnowMX parts, Camso NEW Snowbike Track


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A leap forward in track design, and one of the biggest things that make the 2022 Yeti SnowMX head and shoulders the best yet! An increase in lug depth and surface area, yet a decrease in crucial rotating mass by over a pound. Faster spool up, more track speed, "cup-shaped" lugs with precision-engineered flex and bite characteristics - put it together and you'll be outclimbing other tracks in basically all snow conditions.

An upgrade to this track is arguably the single biggest most noticeable performance upgrade you can make to any kit with compatible drivers! Flotation and momentum transfer (ie: no trenching) are dialed.

FAQ - Can I convert a 2016-2019 non-SS (12.5" wide) Yeti to the narrow rails setup and use this track? - Yes! We've done it for a handful of other customers with great results. You will need a number of new cross shafts and suspension arms, so depending on your model, you are looking at ballpark $1000 more in parts (and a substantial amount of labour) for this upgrade, which depending on your situation can be worth it! Contact us if you're interested.

FAQ - Can I cut this new track to SS width (10")? - This is not recommended. Lug shape and flex are vital to a track's performance, and cutting the edges off can be very detrimental. SS platform riders will by far have better results sticking with the original track (although you can consider the 137SS upgrade if you are looking to enhance climbing flotation).

FAQ - What about 3" lugs? - Track engineering is a complex science, not a size contest. In our experience, the track speed and flotation generated from balanced mass management, paddle design, lug profile, and flex characteristics will beat a stiff 3" "chainsaw" every time. Paradoxically, this seems to be especially true in deep conditions. (Also consider: competitors' 3" tracks are narrower, so there is actually essentially no difference in total paddle surface area)

Note that we typically maintain stock on all these tracks, but it's possible that we'll need to bring your items in from Camso. Their turnaround is typically quick, but let's call the possible wait time 1-3 weeks.


Length Overall width Rail Spacing Driver Pitch Compatibility
9444S 120" 12.5" 5.5" 2.86" Yeti 120 2020-up*
129" 12.5" 5.5" 2.86" Yeti 129 2020-up*
137" 12.5" 5.5" 2.86" Yeti 137 2020-up*

*Possible to convert earlier models, see above

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