AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP
C3 Powersports

AiM Taipan ECU - C3 Snowbike MOUNTAIN MAP

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Please read this whole page including the FAQs section before purchasing.

For people who are serious about performance (like us), the cutting edge technology of AiM Taipan ECUs is too awesome to ignore!
  • Fast 32-bit processor - more precise tuning, bike runs noticeably smoother, and we can squeeze out even more power! Welcome to the 21st century
  • Advanced configurations - better temperature and altitude corrections, engine braking, quickshift, etc
  • Available Advanced Handlebar Switch - on-the-fly fuel corrections, toggle through 5 maps, activate launch control / traction control
  • Available UC User Bridge - connect your ECU to tuning software on your computer. Receive future new maps from us to reflash yourself directly, plus in-depth tweaking to the mapping and configuration, and diagnostics
  • Two extra digital outputs - control second injector or other future gadgets. Also, additional inputs for managing possible new sensors
  • Available for most current-gen 250Fs, 450s and 500s. If you have a different bike, we still carry Vortex ECUs.
Available with AIM's killer "Aggressive Overall Power" and "Linear Torque" MX/enduro tunes for $849 CAD. A very noticeable difference in power and usability for racers and top-level bush riders looking for that extra edge!

Or, with C3's own ON-HILL developed MOUNTAIN MAP, the ultimate snowbike-specific tune, for $1099. Stoked to finally release these - they're another step up from our already industry-leading PLX dyno tunes. More info soon!
Why is a purpose-tuned ECU a worthwhile upgrade for any snowbike? There's a ton of very noticeable benefits for power and reliability:
  • HORSEPOWER - Final dyno tests are ongoing and we'll post the actual results when we're done - no BS! Early tests indicate multi-horsepower gains across the whole curve since the tuning is optimized for C3 intake's air delivery characteristics.
    • 450 manufacturers design their engines with broad, usable powerbands in mind, even for their pro-level racers. Contrast that with the snowbike world, where we just want the MAXIMUM available power all the time!
    • The difference in weight and inertia between a track and a rear wheel also affects the engine response
  • Balance air-fuel ratios at all temperatures and altitudes - no more overfueling, improved efficiency, better oil life, reliability, and performance
  • Automatic re-calibrating of the curve profiles based on elevation (barometric pressure sensor)

Action photo snowbike Timbersled Yeti snowmx and dirtbikes motorcycles bikes KTM Husqvarna Kawasaki Honda Yamaha 450 and 500
The AiM Handlebar switch is a worthwhile upgrade for riders who like tinkering and tuning to eke out every last bit of performance. Easy access to all 5 included maps, plus more. We especially recommend it for riders with modded engines - the on-the-fly fuel trim functionality is super valuable and works awesome to richen or lean out where you need it. For example, while riding a test loop, with just a few presses you can add 6% fuel to the low RPM range, 3% to the mid and 3% to top end.

AiM Taipan upgraded handlebar switch Stock OEM handlebar switch
Switch between maps 1 & 2 ✔*
Toggle through all 5 maps
Precise on-the-fly fuel corrections
Launch control ✔*
Traction control ✔*
Can act as a shift indicator
Aim Taipan ECU handlebar switch for snowbike Timbersled Yeti snowmx and dirtbikes motorcycles bikes KTM Husqvarna Kawasaki Honda Yamaha 450 and 500

If you're super into tech features, you can even program the switch to blink at the exact RPM for optimal upshifts (UC Bridge required)!

The Handlebar Switch can be viewed on its own on this page. Please see the User Manual tab above for full descriptions and instructions

*Notes: Map switching / launch control / traction control are only applicable to some bikes, for example a stock GASGAS does not have any. The stock handlebar switch on Hondas actually can cycle through all 5 maps, although it has no indicator which map you're in. 

The AiM Taipan ships with 5 maps installed. Note that, as mentioned above, without the handlebar switch you may only be able to access the map in slot #1 or #2.

AiM Taipan base maps C3 Powersports MOUNTAIN MAPS
Top Performance - aggressive overall power map (see AiM's dyno here) "This map allows the engine to make the most of its power delivery and performance. Developed in collaboration with the best teams in the racing world." C3 MOUNTAIN MAP 1 - On-hill developed SNOWBIKE-SPECIFIC MAP - exact target AFR & AGGRESSIVE POWER - tuned for snowbike intake - elevation and temperature corrections optimized for snowbike conditions
Linear - "variation of Top Performance that is less aggressive, ensuring a much smoother and more constant throttle opening." AiM's Top Performance aggressive overall power map  but with the addition of C3's custom-developed elevation and temperature corrections optimized for snowbike conditions
3 Top RPM Optimizer "power delivery like Map 1 but the "over revs" is optimized. The bike, therefore, does not exceed the maximum revolutions of the engine but obtains a greater reach" TBD
Map 1, but with less engine braking TBD
Map 2, but with less engine braking TBD


What's the difference between the new C3 MOUNTAIN MAP and last year's C3-PLX Snowbike maps? - When we collaborated with PLX to make a snowbike map, we used the "traditional" method: years of snowbike engine tuning knowledge plus trial and error (and lots of dyno runs) - but just tried to do it better than everyone else (and had great results in our humble opinion 🙂). For the MOUNTAIN MAP, we spent 2 seasons developing and refining a revolutionary system that combines high-tech quantifiable multi-input real-time datalogging and optimization algorithms, with an actual snowbike, in actual deep & varying snow conditions, at actual winter temperatures and mountain elevations, with the actual engine loads of an aggressive riding style. Every throttle position and RPM is optimized, not just the dyno curve. Of course, with on-hill development, the seat-of-the-pants results are more apparent than ever, and we are definitely stoked with the resulting maps, and we know you will be too! More details releasing via our social media throughout winter 2022.

With the UC User Bridge, you can connect your ECU to your computer for even more flexibility and capability!
  • Flash new maps yourself that you receive from C3 via email
    • For instance, if you get new engine mods and need a specific new map (our ability to offer custom mapping will be limited to mods that we have experience with), or if we or AiM possibly come out with an improved version of our maps, or if you require some specific advanced troubleshooting.
    • Flash back and forth between C3 MOUNTAIN MAP for snowbike and AiM base maps for summer
    • Of course, you can always get the UC Bridge at a later date if you encounter these situations down the road.
  • Wider range and greater precision of fuel map customization - from +20% to -10% in every cell
  • Timing customization - from +3 to -5 degrees in each cell
  • Configure for race gas or aviation fuel
  • Enable quickshift. Customize launch control / traction control
  • Access some live measures and diagnostics
  • The UC Bridge can be viewed on its own on this page.See the User Manual tab above for full descriptions and instructions
  • Note that even with the UC Bridge, it is not possible to reflash the unit to a different model bike (example, if you sell your Honda and buy a KTM, you will still need to send the ECU back to C3 for the required reconfiguration. On that note, also please note that the Yamaha "Taipan Y" ECU uses a unique harness type, and thus changes to or from Yamaha will require purchase of an entirely new ECU)
Aim Taipan ECU handlebar switch for snowbike Timbersled Yeti snowmx and dirtbikes motorcycles bikes KTM Husqvarna Kawasaki Honda Yamaha 450 and 500

    Important notes:

    • Available for current-gen 250Fs, 450s and 500s (19-up KTM+Husky+GasGas / Honda / Kawasaki, 21-up YZ450F). If you have a different bike, we still carry Vortex ECUs and may have a great option for your bike there.
    • The 2022 Factory Edition / Rockstar Edition uses the ECU for the 2023 bike.
    • Note, Engine-control mapping is very sensitive and bike-specific, so if your model is not listed here, we don't have it available, sorry. IE: NO, you can't use a 2021 Honda ECU in a 2020 Honda - or any other similar situation on other brands - even though they may share some components.
    • Do NOT use any aftermarket ECU with any aftermarket stator (ex: it has been confirmed that the Trail Tech stator is 100% incompatible with aftermarket ECUs on many bike models)
    The best pipe to pair with these tunes is definitely RP Race! Those things rock!

    Expect more info soon including full Dyno reports with engine performance mod recommendations and the whole shebang!
    Sometimes called ECU / ECM / CDI / EFI map box / tuner


    Please also see the User Manual and *TPS re-learn* tab above for full in-depth instructions for every aspect of your Taipan!

    Do I have to change maps when I ride at a different elevation?

    The Taipan ECU reads barometric pressure and self-calibrates every engine start. Be mindful of this if you gain/lose thousands of feet in elevation in a single pull, but for the most part, just go out and ride!

    Does temperature affect the mapping while riding?

    Yes, the ECU automatically calibrates fuel according to the outside temperature AND engine temperature. Note: engine makes the most power when coolant is between 75 and 95°c. A thermostat (C3 recommended!) is mandatory for snowbike ECUs.

    What fuels can I run?

    To run fuels other than pump (91+), (such as race fuel, Aviation gas, and Oxygenated race gas), it is highly recommended to get an experienced engine tuner to develop a custom tune for your bike using an AFR gauge. At the very least use the Advanced Handlebar Switch to fine-tune adjustments.

    Does your ECU for the KTM work for my Husqvarna/GASGAS of the same year and model?

    Some internal labels are different, but strictly speaking, the KTM/Husky maps are identical. Same with GASGAS but the model-year generations are different. IMPORTANT: The 2022 Factory Edition / Rockstar Edition is a 2023 bike

    Will the ECU work with my aftermarket stator?

    NO. We have seen many cases where aftermarket ECUs are incompatible with aftermarket stators.

    Do you have an ECU for my ______?

    If it is listed in the options above, then yes! If it is not listed, then no, sorry. Older models unfortunately will probably never be supported, as they are not compatible with the AiM boxes themselves. For pre-2019 bikes, we still recommend the Vortex X10.

    MODIFIED ENGINES AND AFTERMARKET COMPONENTS: We strongly recommend that owners of highly modified engines (ported cylinder head, oversize valves, hi compression piston, etc.) A) invest in both the Advanced Handlebar Switch AND the UC Bridge user tuner, and B) get a special calibration by an experienced tuner. If you don’t have access to a tuner in your area, we also recommend using an AFR meter such as KOSO to verify and fine tune your mapping. We constantly testing products and setup so we may be able to help you out with some maps we’ve made for customers overs the years. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you'd like us to custom-tune your bike directly here in Salmon Arm BC!

    COLD START INFO: In general, AiM Taipan ECUs do not suffer from the relatively high "wake-up" voltage struggle that some other brands of ECU are known for. Still, we highly recommend to use a booster pack on the very first start of the day, and after any long breaks.


    User Manual

    AiM's great in-depth manuals answer just about every question you could possibly have!

    TPS Re-learn procedure

    MANDATORY to do these steps when installing the ECU!

    Map Sheet

    This is the map sheet for the C3 Powersports MOUNTAIN MAP tunes. Note the revision date at the top of this document, it may not 100% match what you got with your ECU. For the AiM standard tunes, check the AiM User Manuals in the tab above.

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