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Seat Concepts - Comfort Edition Seats (Complete)

SKU: CDSC28-0081-30-1001

Manufacturer: Seat Concepts

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Your riding position and style when snowbiking is not the same as when riding motocross - so why should your stock moto seat be the best option? We've logged a lot of miles the past few winters, and can now say for sure - this is the ultimate seat for your snowbike!

Seat Concepts snowbike / adventure seat-kits incorporate a wider seating area for the rider, which results in a more even weight distribution, reducing pressure points. Each individual seat model was specially designed to increase comfort without compromising rideability. The more aggressive the bike, the more aggressive their seat-kit.

Seat Concepts products are made in the USA using the highest quality materials available. These complete seats are a simple bolt-on replacement that makes changing from summer to winter a breeze. Detailed instructions for easy "Do It Yourself" installation are provided.

Don't see the option you want? If you can track it down on Seat Concept's website, hit us up with the part number and we'll bring it in within 3-6 weeks. We're among the best ways to get Seat Concepts products in Canada!