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Seat Concepts - Comfort Edition Seats (Complete)

Seat Concepts - Comfort Edition Seats (Complete)


Manufacturer: Seat Concepts

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Your riding position and style when snowbiking is not the same as when riding motocross - so why should your stock moto seat be the best option? We've logged a lot of miles the past few winters, and can now say for sure - this is the ultimate seat for your snowbike!

Seat Concepts snowbike / adventure seat-kits incorporate a wider seating area for the rider, which results in a more even weight distribution, reducing pressure points. Each individual seat model was specially designed to increase comfort without compromising rideability. The more aggressive the bike, the more aggressive their seat-kit.

Seat Concepts products are made in the USA using the highest quality materials available. These complete seats are a simple bolt-on replacement that makes changing from summer to winter a breeze. Detailed instructions for easy "Do It Yourself" installation are provided.