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We constantly strive to be the best at supporting customers to build the best snowbikes! You, our valued dealers, are an important piece of that equation, and are appreciated.

I hope you are able to find everything you need in the dropdowns below.

Here's our contact info again if you couldn't find the answer you needed here, or otherwise need to get a hold of us for any reason!

•Product support, website/portal help, general inquiries: (Jarid, Ty, Kevin)
•Order-related inquiries, shipping & tracking updates: (Tamara)
•Phone: (250) 833-3538 (we do our best to answer this whenever we're able, but the official hours are 9-5 Pacific time)

This is the main document - your "bible". Please skim it all and review anything that applies to you, if you haven't already.

Scroll down to the last two pages for price levels for all our products and brands.

To access the Online Catalogue Portal, click below. Also note the detailed how-to guide below.

Online Catalog Portal (Xoro) (recommended)


  • See your dealer actual cost on each product
  • Easy access to previous invoices and history
  • Access to EVERY kit, adapter, individual spare part, etc etc
  • No deposit required to place an order

Workflow in a nutshell

  1. Build your cart on, or use your old invoices to find the correct SKU of the item you want
  2. Paste each item into the Add by SKU button in the online catalogue portal (LINKS ABOVE, and check the ONLINE CATALOGUE PORTAL GUIDE on this page too) and input quantity. Repeat until done, Submit order.
  3. Order is in our system and 100% good to go, we will run your card and ship it when it is ready

This is a "condensed catalogue"; an overview of all major C3 assemblies.

  • There's suggested items to stock based on what's statistically the most likely to sell.
  • Instead of listing every single possible SKU, this sheet lays out the "base assemblies" and "add-ons". Familiarizing yourself with the subassemblies will help you maximize flexibility and efficiency in your inventory.
    • For example, from just the following:
      • CABA1243BLK - Black Mid risers base assembly
      • CABA1244BLK - Black Tall risers base assembly
      • CABA1521 - Japanese bike replacement bolts subassembly
      • CABA1522 - Plain caps subassembly
      You can put together risers for any bike, in any configuration, in either height. IE you don't have to stock each of CABA1243BLK, CABA1373BLK, CABA1246BLK, CABA1376BLK, CABA1244BLK, CABA1374BLK, CABA1247BLK, CABA1377BLK
Hope it helps!

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