C3 Powersports is your number one source for snowbike upgrades and accessories - performance, comfort, style, and everything in between!


C3 Powersports: a top name for the highest performance snow motorsports products for almost a decade. 

Cutting-edge carbon fiber, precision-engineered Syncrodrives... The most extreme mountain sleds are C3 creations. We continued pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation with the YETI SnowMX.

Our passion for the perfect snowbike still keeps us up at night!

The past few years, thanks to thousands of snowbike enthusiasts like YOU, we have HUNDREDS of plans for game-changing upgrades and accessories to create the ultimate snowbike experience.

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Looking for Syncrodrive & Snowmobile Parts?

All C3 Powersports Snowmobile Syncrodrives and Snowmobile parts are now sold exclusively by Specialty Motorsports:

https://specialtymotorsports.ca - (780) 960-0571

Looking for YETI SnowMX?

The YETI SnowMX brand, formerly a C3 Powersports product, has been acquired by Camso as of August 31, 2017. Please contact Camso for all your YETI product requirements.


The C3 Powersports team thanks our past customers and dealers for their support, we look towards continued development of better, faster, and higher future YETI products moving ahead with Camso!