What do I Need?

So you've got a bike and a track kit! Welcome to what I believe is one of the best adventures life has to offer. The unlimited freedom and unadulterated FUN of snowbiking is truly what sets it apart as an experience like no other!

But to have those ultimate weekends, you need a top performing machine! We're asked all the time - "What do I need to get to have a proper bike"?

Well, today I'm here to help with a quick overview guide of the top priority upgrades for a snowbike that's fit to perform! Click each product to learn more and check out the options.

Of course another main consideration is your budget. If the wallet is tight you can get away with minimal modifications, but to do it right, save yourself future heartaches, and get to a point where you're enjoying the moment instead of worrying about your bike's reliability or performance, you will typically want to be well into the "Essentials" and even the "Highly Recommend" too. It's worth it.

With that said, it is IMPERATIVE that you don't skimp where safety is concerned!!! Wear proper protective gear! Bring sufficient survival supplies! Educate and equip yourself if you ride where avalanches are possible! We carry some products here: [Backcountry Gear] but it's worth reaching out to experts if you're unsure. SAFETY FIRST!

Anyways, here goes!


Don't even start up your snowbike without a dedicated air intake and a thermostat! Vital for proper performance and reliability!

  • INTAKE - In any snowy conditions, you need a proper solution to allow your bike to breathe without choking on snow or swallowing water!

  • THERMOSTAT - In any cold conditions, your bike will run like garbage unless a Thermostat controls the coolant flow to allow the engine to reach the temperature it was designed for!

  • ENGINE SKINS - Keeping snow off your engine is also important to help it maintain the proper temperature and run at its fullest potential, and not collect 20 pounds of snow!


It's possible to get away without these, but it's quite likely you'd regret it if you do... Riding is just a lot less enjoyable if you're slipping around, babying frozen hands or hurt fingers, or can't start your bike or find your way around!

  • FOOTPEGS - In certain snow conditions, stock pegs (or any pegs that weren't designed specifically to avoid snow buildup) can turn into slippery ice platforms...

  • HEATED BARS - Remember that coolant we're making sure heats up with the thermostat? Run it through your handlebars to keep your fingers warm and usable - way better than electric!

  • HANDGUARDS - If you ride anywhere around trees, you'll need handguards to avoid smashing your levers or even breaking fingers... Also super helpful in shielding hands from wind and snow

  • BOOST PACK + CABLES - A must-have on e-start bikes - don't get caught without it!!

  • LED LIGHTS - Another one that should count as safety equipment... You need to see your way back to the truck!

Highly Recommend

We're starting to get from the "musts" to the "wants" but these all really do make a difference in taking headaches out of your ride so you can focus on the experience!

  • AIRPRO This is a great product. For the price, it's an amazing way to take your forks from mushy mess to perfectly rideable

  • RISERS - Since you're sitting and reacting to terrain differently on a snowbike than dirt, raising the bars a bit fixes the ergonomics a lot and will make you more comfortable

  • SEALSAVERS - Forks don't like ice, road salt, or branch impacts! Small investment, big improvement in fork and seal condition

  • SEAT CONCEPTS - Last winter my buddy invested time and money building a snowbike, took a week off, and drove 8 hours, but could only ride one day because his stock seat wrecked his butt & back.... Next time he had a Seat Concepts Comfort seat and didn't notice any discomfort the whole trip

  • P3 HEAT SHIELD - If you've ever melted $400 snowpants, I don't need to explain to you why this is worth it!

  • FENDER BAG - Handy place to hold a Yeti belt or a dry toque

  • WHEEL KIT - It's tricky to own a snowbike if you can't load/unload into your truck or move it around the shop!

  • TETHER SWITCH - You don't really need a tether on a snowbike, until that one time you do... Recommended for all builds, just in case

  • PLAN B YETI UTILITY CAN - Hands down THE best way to carry your day's "juice" on your Yeti SnowMX!

Go All out

If you still have room in the budget, these are great additions to take you to the next level!

  • C3 MOUNTAIN MAP ECU - SNOWBIKE TUNED! If you're looking to buy horsepower this is your best, easiest, and most useful option!

  • TRAIL TECH GAUGES - We're super stoked on the Voyager Pro!! The live "Buddy Tracking" GPS is a game-changer, check it out!

  • P3 SKIDPLATE - Great quality and bling factor, and a helpful addition to keep a bit more snow off the engine and protect from impacts

  • LITHIUM BATTERY - What's not to like about increasing battery quality and power from stock while saving weight?

  • CAMSO "SNOW BIKE TRACK" - For sure the single biggest performance improvement you can make to any compatible kit (that doesn't already have one!)

  • BIKE BINDERZ - Super slick and secure way to hold down your bike! Tie downs suck, treat yourself ;)

  • RP RACE EXHAUST - We've dyno'd every pipe we could get our hands on and these are by far the best power-wise!

  • AIRFORCE VELOCITY STACK INTAKE - Properly tuned, unlocks big gains on modded bikes!

  • REKLUSE CLUTCH - Auto or manual, improved power transfer and durability!

  • FAN KIT - Especially on modded engines, you might actually need some help staying cool on spring days - this solves that

So there you go! From "just a dirtbike with track on it" to a true dream machine!