This page is from a few years ago

Long webpage alert! KEEP READING if you have C3's FORCEFIELD NXT Handguards on your bike (or are just curious to see how we deal with our mess-ups and take care of our customers).

Honest and up-front: unfortunately, as we announced on December 28, there was 2 major shortcomings with the first NXT shields (ones shipped between Dec 21 and Jan 7 only).
A) the cold-weather performance of the material is poor; it can become brittle. And
B) the bond between the stripe and the overmolded main shield body is weak.

We won't be surprised if the top 10% or so of you aggressive tree riders experience cracked shields. Of course, this is not acceptable and not up to our high standards... 

Our response is twofold:

#1 -  New production of replacement parts with the deficiencies addressed: A) revised polypropylene formulation with better cold-weather additives (flexible at all temperatures, never brittle), and B) no stripe in the shield at all (until we can more thoroughly vet the design. Decal kits are available if you did really like that sharp little accent).

>>Big thanks to our injection molding partners for squeezing us into their busy schedule, and already executing another batch with awesome results! We've done extensive testing this time around, and have total confidence that the current material is pretty near indestructible (and have some awesome video proof that you're gonna love 😁 stay tuned!)

and #2 - Take care of all our customers! Today we're launching the Product Update campaign, so everyone who got those subpar shields can obtain $0 replacements of the bulletproof improved version ASAP, regardless of whether theirs are cracked. 


If you bought your handguards through any of our great dealers, get in touch with them - your handguards are en route to their shop and they would love to help you out.

If you bought your handguards from, check the email you used to place the order for a message from Ty with instructions and links (that's probably how you got here). It's quick and easy! A few other things first:

It's easy to tell. All handguard shields with an overmolded accent stripe built-in to the shield should be updated. The stripe was white on black, blue, red, or orange shields, and black on the white shields.

The affected orders were shipped between Dec 21 and Jan 7. Note that these are the ONLY customers who are eligible for the Product Update shields. For many of those orders, we realized the risk of cracked shields, and included a second set of shields, to use as SPARES if your shields cracked (NOT to sell on FB or give to your buddies) - sorry if this was not communicated to you clearly at first.

FYI - All orders shipped since January 7th included a set of shields in the colour you wanted (for your photoshoot!) plus a set of the updated all-black shields with grey inserts (for the actual riding!) (BLK-GRY were the only colours rushed through for the "second batch" but a "third batch" in all colours is already underway). (If you do prefer to have the strong version in your first choice of colour, please reach out in a month or so, once we've taken care of everyone else.)

Once your Product Update replacement shields arrive, you MUST destroy/recycle the original shields with the stripes. Again, please DON'T try to sell them or pass them on to your buddies.

If your shields crack, you're advised to remove them from your bike as there may be sharp edges.

Our sincere apologies for this situation. We accept responsibility. Because the project ended up months behind schedule, we rushed through the testing phase - and got bit...

Additionally, thanks to our customers for your business and for your understanding! We appreciate you and will always try our hardest for you.

Finally, if this all makes sense and you are one of the folks we sent shields to between Dec 21 2021 and Jan 7 2022, please go ahead and click below to arrange your Product Update handguards today!

One other thing to mention, if you have Shield Expanders you probably noticed that the fit with NXT shields is unfortunately not great. New Shields Expanders are in the works but in the meantime you may find the tips and tricks in this guide helpful: