Handlebars, non-heated - built-in handguard mounts
Handlebars, non-heated - built-in handguard mounts
Handlebars, non-heated - built-in handguard mounts
Handlebars, non-heated - built-in handguard mounts
C3 Powersports

Handlebars, non-heated - built-in handguard mounts

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C3 handlebars are also a great pick on your enduro, adventure, cross-country, motocross, or any other summer bike!

  • Threaded & bonded bar ends are pre-installed and are ROCK-SOLID M8 mount points for wrap-around handguards (such as C3 FORCEFIELD NXT)! Much better than any friction-fit style.
  • C3 bars are a premium 7000-series alloy, designed with a generous wall thickness for maximum strength. If your bike somehow seems to get crashed or abused, the benefits are obvious!
  • Bend is comfortable, neutral, and reactive. We've had good feedback about the bend from riders from all bike brands.
  • Colour options available for that personalized touch!

NOTE: these handlebars are NOT possible to use as, or convert to, Centerflow coolant heated bars. These bars are for non-heated use only.

C3's Centerflow coolant heated bars are built with additional internal components via a specialized modification procedure, and are only available here: Centerflow Heated Handlebars  or bundled with a Factory Billet Thermostat here: Heated Bars + Thermostat Bundle!

The bend of these handlebars was specifically designed to have you feel right at home no matter which bars you were using before (we measured every OEM bar and made ours right in the middle) - the riding posture is neutral, natural, and reactive for quick posture adjustments with changing conditions and aggressive riding. For the numbers people, that's like 9 degrees of upsweep and 14 degrees of backsweep. Definitely very "normal"; we get nothing but good feedback.

1 1/8" "fat bar" diameter, with 7/8" diameter at the controls. WILL fit most OEM mounts - may need risers to replace stock 7/8" bar mounts on certain Honda and Kawasaki bikes. 

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