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I notice you're browsing from outside Canada. Did you know we have a US location? Consider placing your order from C3PowersportsUSA.com if you want these advantages:

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Order ships from: Idaho BC, Canada
All C3's top "core" products available:
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$5-10 $18-40
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1-3 days 4-8 days
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  • Basically, thermostats, bars, risers are black only
  • Limited distributed brands
  • Fewer parts for certain "rare" older bike models
Full ✔
  • Near-unlimited colour customization options
  • All the best products from our top partner brands (ex: RP Race Exhaust, C3 MOUNTAIN MAP ECUs by AiM/Vortex)

Same great designs, same great support!


Welcome to c3powersportsUSA.com!

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