Your local YETI SnowMX Authorized dealer would love to support you and should always be your #1 source!

That said, whatever you need, C3 is here to help! Continue below for common spare parts, complete YETI parts catalogues, and 2022 Snowcheck and YETI BUCKS info!

Common spare parts

Most common wear items or frequently-needed spare parts have dedicated product pages to serve you better!

Common Yeti spare parts

ALL Spare parts

We know stuff happens, so we try to carry at least one of every single part in the entire YETI SnowMX catalogue!

Please be advised that it's NOT recommended to buy Yeti parts online unless you're 100% certain you've determined the correct part for your application.

All Yeti spare parts

your YETI SnowMX

If you're in the Salmon Arm / Sicamous / Revelstoke area of British Columbia, C3 Powersports is your Authorized YETI SnowMX dealer!

Face it - if you are serious about building the best possible snowbike, it needs to be on a 2022 Yeti. 25+ pounds lighter and 20% more efficient than the competition, new purpose-engineered Camso snowbike track and all-new spindle, plus countless refinements throughout.

We'll bring in your dream kit and let you do the tinkering, or can deliver the ultimate setup turnkey with second-to-none Platinum Build service on a brand-new 450, or anything in between. If you're interested we'd love to hear from you!

Email the team today!


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