Whatever you need, C3 / Yeti is here to help! Continue below for common spare parts, complete parts catalogues, and how to order your YETI SnowMX system today!

Common spare parts

Most common wear items or frequently-needed spare parts have dedicated product pages to serve you better!

Common Yeti spare parts

ALL Spare parts

We know stuff happens, so we try to carry at least one of every single part in the entire YETI SnowMX catalogue!

Please be advised that it's NOT recommended to buy Yeti parts online unless you're 100% certain you've determined the correct part for your application.

All Yeti spare parts

your YETI SnowMX

If you're in the Salmon Arm / Sicamous / Revelstoke area of British Columbia, C3 Powersports is your Authorized YETI SnowMX dealer!

We'll deliver the ultimate setup turnkey with second-to-none Platinum Build service on a brand-new 450, or can bring in your dream kit and let you do the tinkering, or anything in between. If you're interested we'd love to hear from you!

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2025 YETI SnowMX Snowcheck is live!

• Available new spindle

• "Yeti Care" program (in a nutshell: FREE crash replacement on almost ALL parts for the next season)

• Option between Yeti or MTN.TOP ski

• Return of the SS kits, aka SuperSport aka Skinny

•Exclusive access to "surprise upgrades" being rolled out over the summer!

Competitively priced starting at $8750 CAD / $6700 USD

Snowcheck today

July 2023: 💥 ANNOUNCEMENT: YETI LIVES!! 💥 The next chapter for YETI SnowMX - as a C3 company (again!!) - begins today!! 💥

Beyond excited to finally be able to confirm that the rumors are true! Although it was disappointing to see Camso/Michelin drop the YETI SnowMX product line, we knew that the opportunity to bring home the brand we started in 2015 was one we couldn't pass up! Effective ASAP, YETI SnowMX will operate as a sister company to C3 Powersports, in a new shop next door.

Have a Yeti? Spare parts are available from your dealer or from - we're committing to taking care of all existing YETI SnowMX owners with second-to-none service and support.

Want a Yeti? There's a limited number of killer 2023 129 FR and 137 MT kits available immediately with special pricing, details to be announced soon!

Want to work for Yeti? We'll need to grow our team to take on this new adventure, and are actively searching for talented top-notch folks to help with assembly/parts, sales/service, bookkeeping/purchasing/accounting, website/IT, marketing/content, and whatever other skills you have - if you're passionate about snowbiking and want to live in beautiful BC, we want to hear from you!

LET'S GO! Huge thank-you to all our customers and industry partners, we couldn't do it without you! 🤘