AiM Taipan ECU UC User Bridge cord
AiM Taipan ECU UC User Bridge cord
AiM Taipan ECU UC User Bridge cord
AiM Taipan ECU UC User Bridge cord
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AiM Taipan ECU UC User Bridge cord


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Connect your ECU to tuning software on your computer, to receive future new maps from us to reflash yourself directly, plus in-depth tweaking to the mapping and configuration, diagnostics, and more. For use with AiM Taipan ECU, please check there to learn more.

With the UC User Bridge, you can connect your ECU to your computer for even more flexibility and capability!
  • Flash new maps yourself that you receive from C3 via email
    • For instance, if you get new engine mods and need a specific new map (our ability to offer custom mapping will be limited to mods that we have experience with), or if we or AiM possibly come out with an improved version of our maps, or if you require some specific advanced troubleshooting.
    • Flash back and forth between C3 MOUNTAIN MAP for snowbike and AiM base maps for summer
    • Of course, you can always get the UC Bridge at a later date if you encounter these situations down the road.
  • Wider range and greater precision of fuel map customization - from +20% to -10% in every cell
  • Timing customization - from +3 to -5 degrees in each cell
  • Configure for race gas or aviation fuel
  • Enable quickshift. Customize launch control / traction control
  • Access some live measures and diagnostics
  • See the User Manual tab above for full descriptions and instructions
  • Note that even with the UC Bridge, it is not possible to reflash the unit to a different model bike (example, if you sell your Honda and buy a KTM, you will still need to send the ECU back to C3 for the required reconfiguration. On that note, also please note that the Yamaha "Taipan Y" ECU uses a unique harness type, and thus changes to or from Yamaha will require purchase of an entirely new ECU)
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    • For use with AiM Taipan ECU, please check there to learn more.
    • Map files are locked to ECU serial numbers and have to be provided by an Authorized Super Tuner (C3). IE - sharing maps with your buddies may be limited.
    • Please read the User Manual tab above for full information.
    • Sometimes called flash cord / reflash cable / tuner bridge / engine performance connect / ECU tuning flasher


    Please see the User Manual tab above for full in-depth instructions for every aspect of your Taipan!


    MODIFIED ENGINES AND AFTERMARKET COMPONENTS: We strongly recommend that owners of highly modified engines (ported cylinder head, oversize valves, hi compression piston, etc.) A) invest in both the Advanced Handlebar Switch AND the UC Bridge user tuner, and B) get a special calibration by an experienced tuner. If you don’t have access to a tuner in your area, we also recommend using an AFR meter such as KOSO to verify and fine tune your mapping. We constantly testing products and setup so we may be able to help you out with some maps we’ve made for customers overs the years. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you'd like us to custom-tune your bike directly here in Salmon Arm BC!


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