AiM Taipan ECU Handlebar Switch
AiM Taipan ECU Handlebar Switch
AiM Taipan ECU Handlebar Switch
AiM Taipan ECU Handlebar Switch
AiM Sportline

AiM Taipan ECU Handlebar Switch


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On-the-fly fuel corrections, toggle through 5 maps, activate launch control / traction control, and more. For use with AiM Taipan ECU, please check there to learn more.
The AiM Handlebar switch is a worthwhile upgrade for riders who like tinkering and tuning to eke out every last bit of performance. Easy access to all 5 included maps, plus more. We especially recommend it for riders with modded engines - the on-the-fly fuel trim functionality is super valuable and works awesome to richen or lean out where you need it. For example, while riding a test loop, with just a few presses you can add 6% fuel to the low RPM range, 3% to the mid and 3% to top end.

AiM Taipan upgraded handlebar switch Stock OEM handlebar switch
Switch between maps 1 & 2 ✔*
Toggle through all 5 maps
Precise on-the-fly fuel corrections
Launch control ✔*
Traction control ✔*
Can act as a shift indicator
Aim Taipan ECU handlebar switch for snowbike Timbersled Yeti snowmx and dirtbikes motorcycles bikes KTM Husqvarna Kawasaki Honda Yamaha 450 and 500

If you're super into tech features, you can even program the switch to blink at the exact RPM for optimal upshifts (UC Bridge required)! Please see the User Manual tab above for full descriptions and instructions

*Notes: Map switching / launch control / traction control are only applicable to some bikes, for example a stock GASGAS does not have any. The stock handlebar switch on Hondas actually can cycle through all 5 maps. 


  • For use with AiM Taipan ECU, please check there to learn more.
  • The bottom button is to change functions, and the top button cycles through the options for each function. Please read the User Manual tab above for full information.


Please also see the User Manual tab above for full in-depth instructions for every aspect of your Taipan!

How do you use the Handlebar Switch?

Connect to the ECU with the supplied cord as described in user manual. Mount the switch on the bars, route the wiring safely.

Use the bottom button to access each function, and use the top button to cycle through the options.

  • For example, use the bottom button to select the blue MAP light. Then use the top button to change between Map 1, Map 2, etc as indicated by the red lights.
  • For example, use the bottom button to select the blue H, M, L light for High/Mid/Low RPM range fuel correction. Then use the top button to add/take away fuel as indicated by the red lights. 
    • Note that the fuel trim step size is adjustable via the UC Bridge. For this example, suppose the step size is 3%. Then,
      • 5 = +2 steps = +6%
      • 4 = +1 step = +3%
      • 3 = no correction
      • 2 = -1 step = -3%
      • 1 = -2 steps = -6%

MODIFIED ENGINES AND AFTERMARKET COMPONENTS: We strongly recommend that owners of highly modified engines (ported cylinder head, oversize valves, hi compression piston, etc.) A) invest in both the Advanced Handlebar Switch AND the UC Bridge user tuner, and B) get a special calibration by an experienced tuner. If you don’t have access to a tuner in your area, we also recommend using an AFR meter such as KOSO to verify and fine tune your mapping. We constantly testing products and setup so we may be able to help you out with some maps we’ve made for customers overs the years. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you'd like us to custom-tune your bike directly here in Salmon Arm BC!


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