Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch Pack
Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch Pack
Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch Pack
Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch Pack

Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch Pack


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Rekluse is well-known for their auto-clutch technology (available here - Rekluse RadiusCX Auto Clutch), but did you know their TorqDrive Manual Clutch Pack provides some very tangible performance benefits for a fraction of the cost?
  • The key is more friction disks = more torque capacity - TorqDrive uses premium steel for the friction disks and protective basket sleeves (compared to aluminum from OEM), allowing them to be thinner, so MORE disks can fit within the same envelope, dramatically increasing performance and durability
  • Improved power delivery = stronger drive throughout the power band = feels like more power!
  • Superior friction pad design and material - virtually eliminates clutch fade, up to 4 times longer clutch life
  • Optimized plate design provides excellent lever feel; consistent control and behavior
  • Additional friction disks provide an average of a 25% gain in torque capacity over stock, while reducing lever pull effort by an average of 10% (Figures vary by model)
  • Rekluse basket sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki)
  • Simple - direct replacement for your OEM clutch pack
We highly recommend this clutch upgrade for Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha bikes!
  • The aluminum clutch components on these brands can fall a little short when it comes to the increased demands and torque loads of snowbikes
    • We've seen clutches fail on those brands at as low as 25, 40, and 70 hours, sometimes catastrophically (exploded disks > fibers in oil passages > seized engines...)
      • (It must be said that part of the reason for that is probably because we often share our bikes with beginner riders to help spread the sport. If you're skillful with your clutch and don't abuse it, it's very possible you can get 100 hours plus from your OEM plates! But still, in the same conditions, we've never lost a KTM clutch (which use steel baskets a bit more similar to the TorqDrive), even with literally hundreds more hours)
  • Of course, KTM riders can also benefit from this upgrade too
    • The difference is not as drastic, since the KTM clutch already uses a steel basket and some steel plates, so it's pretty good to begin with.
    • BUT you are are still gaining more & better clutch plates with the TorqDrive
  • This is subjective, but one might say the TorqDrive clutch is a whole 50% better overall than an OEM clutch from the Japanese brands, whereas the improvement relative to a KTM is more like 15% better.
    • Still, a 15% better clutch is a very worthwhile upgrade for riders who want the best!
  • You can read this article for another perspective: "the standard clutches on 2021 Japanese bikes are the best technology available—if this were 2006"
    Of course, we do also offer the RadiusCX auto-clutch for those who prefer it!


    Fitment comment: as always, "Factory Edition" or "Rockstar Edition" models are one year ahead. Always use the parts for one year newer than the model year of your bike. Example, for 2022 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition, use the 2023 parts.

    Note: We do our best to stock these clutch packs and maintain what shows as "out of stock" on this page, but there may be errors. Rekluse is usually reasonably quick at at filling backorders, but it can be anywhere around 1-6 weeks or more when all is said and done. Please ask me in the chat box if you need to know a specific part lead time before you order it.



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