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Rigid "Rubber Kill" Bar Mount Cones


Manufacturer: C3 Powersports

Regular price $ 19.95

With these you can replace the rubber cone bushings where your bar mounts attach to the triple clamps.

This is helpful if you're feeling a bit of play or slop at this connection. In our experience this can be noticeable and get annoying on KTM bikes after a while of hard riding, or if you have taller bars.

Or maybe you're looking for a more direct feel with precise feedback. You'll also have less troubles with the bar mounts twisting if you knock something. 

Sold as a SET OF 4.

You can also play around with using these rigid cones in just the top or bottom for a in-between feel. 

You might notice a bit more vibration feedback into the bars without the stock rubber mounts, particularly on big-bore bikes.