Yeti SnowMX all spare parts - Customer Upgrade Assy (starts with YACU2)

Yeti SnowMX all spare parts - Customer Upgrade Assy (starts with YACU2)


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Please read this whole section! - Many common Yeti SnowMX parts have dedicated product pages, but we wanted to open up their entire catalogue to you. This is where to buy odds and ends that are not listed elsewhere, with part numbers that start with YACU2.

IMPORTANT: Do not buy Yeti parts online unless you're confident you've determined the correct part numbers for your requirements.
  • Yeti's Parts List page is a great resource:
  • If you're mounting the Yeti on a new bike, you should also be aware of the YETIverter to help determine adapter parts:
  • More of our spare parts webpages can also be found here:
  • We try and maintain stock on all Yeti Parts, but it's possible that we'll need to bring your items in from Camso. Their turnaround is typically quick, but it's possible that wait times can be around 1-3 weeks.
  • We are not responsible if you accidentally order the wrong item. Some "special order" items shall be considered non-cancelable and non-refundable
  • If the item you are looking for doesn't show up in the dropdown above, firstly check you're on the correct webpage, and secondly consider that the item you are looking for may have been discontinued by YETI. Check the "Item List" tab above for more information on that.

You could check the tab above if there's a Yeti Authorized Dealer near you. Your local dealer would love to support you and should be your #1 source.

Of course, we are also happy to help if you need! Chat box in the corner.

Item List

To help make our website easier to navigate with the search bar, here's a list of all the Yeti SnowMX parts available on this page:
YACU2062 - Lower shock titanium shaft, upgrade kit (YACU2062 / 2062 / CDCMYACU2062)
YACU2063 - Strut block upgrade bolt kit - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2063 / 2063 / CDCMYACU2063)
YACU2064 - Rear upper titanium shaft, upgrade kit - PHASED OUT - USE YASU3912 INSTEAD (YACU2064 / 2064 / CDCMYACU2064)
YACU2065 - Front Raptor shock upgrades w/comp click - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2065 / 2065 / CDCMYACU2065)
YACU2066 - Rear Shock Sraptor mono, upgrade - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2066 / 2066 / CDCMYACU2066)
YACU2068 - Rear Raptor shock upgrades w/comp clicke - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2068 / 2068 / CDCMYACU2068)
YACU2069 - Drive shaft assy titanium - upgrade kit (YACU2069 / 2069 / CDCMYACU2069)
YACU2071 - Jack shaft titanium - upgrade kit - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2071 / 2071 / CDCMYACU2071)
YACU2072 - Raptor shock kit - front tank, rear mono - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2072 / 2072 / CDCMYACU2072)
YACU2073 - Raptor shock kit - front & rear tank - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2073 / 2073 / CDCMYACU2073)
YACU2104 - Automotic chaine tensioner upgrade kit (YACU2104 / 2104 / CDCMYACU2104)
YACU2226 - RRS suspension package upgrades - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2226 / 2226 / CDCMYACU2226)
YACU2256 - Brake rotor and hub - upgrade kit - OBSOLETE - CHECK YETI SHEETS (YACU2256 / 2256 / CDCMYACU2256)
YACU2641 - RRS Handlebar Lockout Kit (YACU2641 / 2641 / CDCMYACU2641)
YACU2993 - S-Kit, Nut plate driveshaft, MY2016-2017 (YACU2993 / 2993 / CDCMYACU2993)

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